"What's Glamping?" You Ask 

Camping signifies a time of disconnecting from the business of life in pursuit of reconnecting with the flora and fauna of the great outdoors. Maybe it’s celebrating with family and friends, or a solitary excursion of finding oneself spiritually; camping is a timeless and wonderful experience.

However when you pull out the worn and outdated My Little Pony or Ninja Turtles sleeping bag throwing it on a bed of rocks that experience becomes less appealing.

Now imagine if you can bring the comfort of your home into the home of Mother Nature. Your imagination and the Solid Ground Glamping innovation have turned a camping trip into an unforgettable memory. Camping with glamour, that is glamping.

Shake off the stress, pack up your clothes – or not, we will not judge- in a bag, and show up on your destination site. Furnished with a genuine mattress, table, and chairs our expansive European inspired canvas shelter compels like bed and breakfast. Inhale that fresh air, toe off your hiking boots, sink your feet in a luxurious rug, and allow yourself to fall onto a duvet with superior quality linens.

So we encourage you, get out there and take time to appreciate the wholesome and clean atmosphere of raw earth by recreating your camping memories with glamping flair.


Think of it like the hip hotels of camping,
— Jonathan Knight, author, on Glamping.